Reserve your vacation for as little as $50

Reserve Your Vacation for as little as $50

Buy now, pay later. Know when you want to take your vacation but still need to do some saving? We have many vacation options in which we’ll help you lock-in today’s great rates with only a down payment.

Standard deposit policy:

  • $50 down on hotel only vacations
  • $100 down on Funjet charter or value flight vacations
  • Hotel deposit + 100% of air on all other air and hotel vacations

Low deposit policy:
Just pay the cost of the all-in-one travel protection plus:

  • $0 down on hotel only vacations
  • $50 down on Funjet charter or value flight vacations
  • $100 down on all other air and hotel vacations

Here’s how you take advantage.

Here is how to take advantageMake your vacation reservation more than 6 weeksin advance and th deposit option will become available during step three of checkout.

Deposits include a portion of both your air and hotel costs, the full cost of any add-ons, and whether or not you’ve added all-in-one travel protection.

From here you’ve got options.

Payment OptionsA. Schedule a final payment – your credit card will be charged on the date of your choosing.

B. Make multiple payments – pay for your vacation in regular increments by logging into your account.

The finer details

Finer DetailsDeposit options may not be available if the minimum deposit rules cover your full air and hotel costs, or you are traveling during a holiday or convention period that require full payment at time of booking.

Reservations are still subject to all change or cancellation penalties outlined in the terms and conditions, as well as any supplier penalties should you wish to change or cancel your vacation. Adding all-in-one travel protection to your vacation may lower or eliminate these penalties.

Disclaimer: More rules will apply. Higher deposits may apply for published/Pegasus hotels.
Low deposit policy is only available with all-in-one travel protection. This benefit in not included for scheduled air only or contracted groups. All-in-one travel protection will not be available for Europe/Ski/Asia.