RockHouse Chic Boutique Cliff Hotel in Negril, Jamaica – Do Something Different

Rockhouse is a casually chic boutique hotel perched upon the scenic cliffs of Negril’s Pristine Cove in Jamaica, overlooking the serene waters of the Caribbean sea.

Two time winner of “Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel” at the World Travel Awards, the property sits on eight acres of lush, tropical gardens and features world-class dining, spa and wellness programs that celebrate the abundant culture and resources of Jamaica.

The Rockhouse Hotel has long been a cherished destination for in-the-know, stylish travelers, offering understated tropical elegance while upholding an impeccable ethos of social and environmental responsibility.

If you would like to stay at the Rockhouse, step up to the bar!

Rockhouse is a stunning and unique hotel combining natural beauty, strong architectural design, local materials and craftsmanship, excellent service and a relaxing, fun, and authentic Jamaican experience. Originally developed in 1972, Rockhouse was one of the first hotels on Negril’s West End. Early notable guests in the 70’s included Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. In 1994, the property was purchased by a group of Australians who continue to reinvest in its evolution and expansion while maintaining the original vibes.


Rockhouse is Green Globe Certified and strives to achieve the best environmental practices across its entire operation. The hotel minimizes its use of natural resources, air emissions, and hazardous materials, and monitors and records environmental performance relative to its goals with a continuous commitment to improved practices.

In 2009, Rockhouse established the Negril Area Green Globe Quiz, an annual competition amongst local schools to enhance the students’ environmental awareness. Every year schools compete by answering environmental and sustainability questions in a game show format.  Each team of four competitors between the ages of 9 to 12 years are cheered on by teachers and students from their schools. The annual event, created by Rockhouse, has been a great success in raising environmental awareness amongst the children.


The design principles behind Rockhouse evolve directly from the natural surroundings. Emphasis is placed on simple and strong forms and the hotel is designed to be a harmonious and respectful insertion into its jungle-like environment. Choice of materials was also critical – local timber and thatch were chosen to merge with the fully-grown garden. The use of stone was inspired by the surrounding volcanic rock landscape.

Jean-Henri Morin has overseen the architectural development of Rockhouse since 1994. He has a strong interest in the development of high quality architecture that has a positive and sustainable relationship with the environment. Jean-Henri is born and educated in France and currently resides in Australia, working on both international and local projects.


The Rockhouse Foundation transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them. Nearly ten years after its inception, over $3 million has been invested in transforming and modernizing five schools that were in desperate need of support, in addition to the complete renovation and expansion of the Negril Community Library. The Foundation’s current project is focused on developing the region’s first special needs early childhood education center. The Rockhouse Foundation directly impacts the lives of thousands of children and their families everyday.

The Rockhouse Hotel and its owners underwrite all of the administrative expenses of the Rockhouse Foundation, an IRS-recognized non-profit organization, so that every cent of every donation directly supports its projects.


Consistently ranked one of the top resorts in the Caribbean, at the 2016 World Travel Awards Rockhouse won “Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel”. Trip Advisor ranks Rockhouse the #5 Hotel in the Caribbean in their 2016 Awards, and Conde Naste Traveler included the hotel in their 2016 “Best in the World” list. The Knot identified Rockhouse at the top of their list of the Best Destination Wedding Venues in the World. Patricia Schult’s names Rockhouse as one of the “1000 Places to See Before You Die” in her New York Times Best Selling book. Rockhouse is also honored to have been recognized as a standard bearer for responsible tourism in winning Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Award for its work in community building through the Rockhouse Foundation.